Hello Folks!

i am suresh from chennai, India

I do Web Design, Print, Motion Graphics & Photography

{I build usable Websites with clean, efficient code and create elegant designs with a natural eye for aesthetics.}

Take a look at my work and give me a shout

My Skills

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Flash

  • Html & CSS

  • Started career as a Web designer

  • M.Sc in Electronic Media (Anna University) B.Sc in Physics (Sri Sankara Arts & Science College)

  • School days, Happy days (Till 1999)

  • Born in Kanchipuram

Few words about me.

As you already know my name is Suresh a Web lover, Proud Indian from a beautiful village in Vengalathur, Thiruvanamalai District, Tamil Nadu. I am a person who has high passion in Graphic/Web Application Interaction design technologies who started the career at the age of 22. I am keen in code using clean and valid XHTML & CSS with a particular attention to cross-browser compatibility.

When I started my career I got a chance to design many portals & some micro websites. Which you won't be able to find in my portfolio, seriously (Some are live & some in under-construction). I was very much satisfied with my designs. But gradually when I looked back, I always feel like that I was missing something. Then I came to know that, if you are not satisfied with your work, then you have learned something new. I used to visit design galleries like css mania, smashingmagazine, etc. and found some creative & technical guys out there and I considered them as my web gurus.

Beside you can see a quick lifestyle of my career path. I hope you have visited my portfolio section. Since I am working on new implementations, most of my work will get updated soon. If you have any suggestions or want to say just a "HI", please feel free to drop me message. You can also get in touch with me through any of the Social networks. Thank you for visiting my portfolio site.

Do you know why I selected 22pixel as my domain name. Hmmm.... View more

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  1. priyan.suresh@gmail.com
  2. +91 98415 59338
  3. priyan.suresh

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